5 Things You Didn’t Know About Commercial Roofing


There is only a limited amount of basic knowledge and information that we can have about things and areas that do not pertain to our expertise. Even with the expertise, you can encounter various problems and hindrances in the face of your passion. Commercial Roofing is one of the sensitive fields that needs a lot of focus on details to keep various issues at bay. Here are 5 things that you probably didn’t know about commercial roofing.


A commercial building contains a lot of capital investment, including the expensive equipment and inventory. Naturally, a commercial roof leak can be quite heavy on the pocket. No matter how much protection you have in terms of guarantee of work, warranty of materials and insurance you can easily land in deep water if issues with the roof surface. Know this to save yourself the disappointment. If you deal with commercial roofing, always be ready to deal with this as well as prepare your customers, as they can be hard to handle.

Foam protection

Yes it’s true that you can use foam to protect your roof. People are not really aware of this, which makes it one of the most interesting facts about the commercial roofing system. Spray foam roofing can be applied. This is not the standard water absorbing foam. It is a liquid plastic, different from the conventional foam and thus a very effective protection to the roof. Adding this takes the stress and burden off the roof. Its nature is to expand acting as a lightweight shield.

No DIY’s

Commercial roofing is a sensitive job that entails a lot of cost. Installation and repairing of a roof is a factor that cost a lot but beyond this the repercussions of a weak roof add way more to the cost. Seek a professional for any installation or repair that is needed for this is not the job you can leave to do yourself. It requires specialized access equipment hire adelaide, knowledge and experience, thus the need for a professional, even for a simple repair!


Roofs too need ventilation. If a proper ventilation system is not in order then multiple issues can arise. You can face the accumulation of moisture and heat which can lead to issues like the growth of mold and mildew. This growth can create a deeper problem and add a lot of cost in removal, and you might need to scratch through the layers of your roof – which means installing a new roof! Ventilation allows air to circulate and this is central to a functionally sound roof.

Roof can complete its life span

The utility of a roof entails that it is bound to deplete in state. However, if you ensure a few checks, your commercial roof can complete its said lifespan which is around twenty to twenty-five years. You must use quality material when you install the roof. Make sure that the installation is handed over to a professional. Further, routine maintenance and repairs help in keeping the roof intact.