Boat or yacht? Some clarifications for orientation in the nautical sector

In the nautical world , to refer to pleasure boats , it often speaks of boats and yachts . Without prejudice to the due exceptions, conventionally with the word “boat” means a boat not very large that can have a sporty or elegant appearance depending on the model. The yacht , on the other hand, has more impressive dimensions and a luxurious appearance. Normally, the yachts are equipped with skippers and often also with a crew of varying sizes, while the smaller and easier to drive boats can also be rented without a skipper.

Within this nautical macro-group , we can find sailboats and motor boats . Motor boats can have one, two or more engines. Depending on the characteristics and features, further distinctions can be made. The hard top boats are the ones with the straight roof and govern themselves from the inside, excellent for those who prefer sporty and launched lines; the fly bridge or open version , equipped with a habitable upper deck with an external command bridge, is ideal for those who want to be able to stand outside; the catamaran is a stable and fast boat belonging to the multihull category, precisely because it consists of two hulls connected by a bridge structure. There are also many variations among sailboats. The caique , for example, has a wide and spacious deck, two trees of different sizes and is often also equipped with an engine to make navigation easier; the schooner is a large and tapered boat, with two masts of the same size slightly angled towards the stern.

The nautical pentalogo: 5 important aspects to consider when choosing a boat
Are you about to buy a boat for the first time? Have you already rented a yacht but want to change type? In both cases it can happen that, in front of a very wide range of models and sizes, the choice of the “best” boat for us can be not only exciting but also a bit complicated. Internet reviews on a certain brand or recommendations from friends on a specific model can certainly be useful, but it is very important to consider some “cross-sectional” factors before buying or renting a boat. If it is true that taste or style preferences are obviously subjective, there are certainly concrete aspects to take into account when we have to choose a boat, both in the case of purchase and rental.